Updated Wish-List

We're making progress! It's nice to be able to check some things off of the list, as well as add new ideas. Most of the finished projects have been blogged, just click on the links to see them!

Note: Highlighted tasks are finished, and bold ones are new to the list.

Re-purposing & Re-Organization
-De-clutter our fireplace mantel and built-in shelves in the living room.
-Put up some sort of graphic print or color on the back wall of our built-ins to make them pop.
-Sand and paint our sofa table that's currently standing in as the TV console and possibly move it to the dining room to use as a buffet.
-Paint our Italian stone dining table (it's ugly with a capital U).
-Touch up the scuffs on some of our dining room chairs.
-Bring in an extra desk from the office to use as the next stand-in media console. (I'm starting to think we'll never actually own a real TV stand, but that's okay.)- Note: Did this, but it ended up in the dining room for the time being...
-Move one of our new white love seats down from the attic room and put it into the office/guest room.
-De-clutter the living room bookcase.
-Hang our framed photography in a nice arrangement.
-Mix-up the decorative pillows in the living room, using the two new ones I picked up in KY.
-Spruce up our laundry area by adding a few decorative touches.
-Find some candle sconces mirrors to hang in the spaces on each side of our fireplace above the built-ins. (Mirrors will hopefully reflect more light into the space and won't compete with the lighted sconces that flank Lee Chapel).
-Grab my chunky gold thrift store candle sconces I have at the ranch during our trip and paint and hang them.
-Find a ceramic "white elephant", or possibly a wooden one that could be painted white, to be a fun piece of decor and a memory-piece that reminds us of our Georgia home over the years.
-Find a horse figurine in Kentucky.
-Pack up the baby's 0-6-sometimes 9 month clothing that no longer fit him.
-Re-organize the nursery now that Asher's a little older and it's being used!
-Rearrange the guest room/office. Note: Photos coming...
-Widen the curtains in the guest room/office. Note: Photos coming...

-Paint a set of graphic fabric-inspired paintings to hang in the dining room.
-Frame some fabric that goes with (or doesn't, who knows) the fabric-inspired paintings. Note; these may go in our master bedroom now instead of the dining room now...see the new ones here.
-Design, print, and frame graphic bible verses for nursery and kitchen.

-Make a new cover for my bible- this time without fabric scraps that were meant for a quilt. (See the current one here).
-Find cloth napkins at a good deal so that we no longer need disposables, and possibly dye them to match our dining room theme. "Green" and pretty! Just like cloth diapers. (Haha, you knew I was going to throw that in there.)
-Sew a dining room table runner and possibly place mats using a neat, graphic fabric.
-Sew (or buy) some bright, fun window valences for the kitchen. Note; made them myself, see 'em here!

-Make a photo wall using my many framed but un-hung pictures (which will help to de-clutter the shelves).
-Print some photos to hang. Can you believe that in four and a half months we don't have a single printed photo of the baby?
-Speaking of which- start a photo album with all of Sweet Pea's weekly photos to date, that we'd continue to add to every couple of months as we periodically ordered prints.
-And another thing along that line- make a wedding album. We still don't have one and we've been married four years! (Thane will argue that our book full of 4x6 proofs is our album. I like to argue otherwise, ha!)

-Maybe do a little planting and mulching.

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