Fall Garland

Thanks to the knowledge of my friend Tahliah, I now know that these are magnolia "cones". They fall off of this magnolia tree and land on the drive in front of our garage.

And since they're so pretty, I collected a few (in the same manner that I collect pine cones) and brought them inside for a little DIY fall decor project.

I originally thought they'd get spray-painted and go in these candle sconces (and one did), but another idea prevailed; garland for the fireplace!

All I needed was ribbon and scissors.

I started by cutting one long piece of ribbon and tying a cone to each end.

I hung them by the already existing hooks on our fireplace mantel (thanks, previous renters!).

And just like that- a quick and easy fall decorating project! Since I already had the ribbon (from Asher's nursery project) and the magnolia cones came straight off of the ground, it was totally free. Can't beat zero-dollar decor!

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P.S. Thanking Jesus for the beautiful fall weather that's starting to roll into Georgia...the days are still in the 80s, but the mornings and evenings are cool and crisp.

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Painted Pine Cones

Howdy friends. How's everyone liking the season so far? Thanks to ninety degree temps, we haven't had much of a fall in Georgia. But as you can see, I'm determined to get in the seasonal mood anyway.

Since there aren't any pine cones on the ground yet this year (why buy them when you can get them for free?), I borrowed these from Asher's nursery.

And took them out to the garage for a little up-do with some Krylon spray paint. (The green shade is called "Ivy Leaf", and I can't remember what the orange shade is called.)

This had to be the fastest, easiest project I've done yet. All it took was about five minutes and two cans of spray paint to get green and orange tipped pine cones.

Then I arranged them in these decorative candle holders (which, by the way, were $1 each at the post-wide yard sale);

And just like that- a cheap, easy, fast, and fun way to not only bring the outdoors in, but the fall season as well.

This is where they are for the time being- the side table in our dining room, next to the golden orange leaf tea set that is also quite reminiscent of fall.

Happy fall decorating!

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