Wedding Weekend To-Do List

Holy cow, we're flying to New York (with a baby!) in three days and I still have a gazillion things to do. Hopefully I'll be checking things off of the list sooner than later...

Feel free to give any and every bit of advice you may have about the items in bold. Those are the ones I haven't quite figured out yet...thanks in advance!


-Sew the sleeve of my dress that's coming loose.
-Find a little jacket or wrap to wear (it's an evening wedding).
-Decide which shoes to take.
-Paint my toe-nails.

-Do we need to take Asher's car seat base?
-Are we going to check a bag for the sake of baby food and toiletries? Yes.
-What kind of overnight disposable diapers should we take?  Taking regular ones, thanks Tina and Petra!

-Make a welcome home cake for my sweety Thane, assuming he makes it back to Georgia before it's time to fly out.
-Speaking of which- go to the commissary and stock up on food, but nothing that will spoil during the trip.

-Clean my house.
-Clean the car out.
-What's the best parking option for the Altanta airport? PreFlight- directions and 30% coupon printed- thanks Bethany!

-Finish unpacking (from the move).
-RE-PACK for the trip.

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The LeVan family said...

You'll be fine without the carseat base. Since your flying out of Atlanta I'm assuming Delta in which case they fly military bags for free (just tell them you are on personal leave - which a weekend off is). And with the other airlines, it doesn't hurt to ask...Good luck, I'm sure you and Asher will do great! :)

Whitney said...

Yeah, we never take the base when we travel. The carseat hooks up fine with the seatbelts. Plus, less to lug around! I went on the TSA website before we flew with her the first time and you can bring milk/food/etc in quantities over 3 oz too. Living out here and traveling to Oahu or Mainland means lots of plane rides!! Baby's been on 15 so far with no tramatic meltdowns yet! Woo! A couple things friends told me was: 1. make sure to feed the baby during take off and landing to help their ears! (Isla's been asleep during landing a few times and so I used a pacifier which helped). 2. put an outift, diaper, wipes in a plastic baggy for easy access when emergencies strike! That way you don't have to fumble around in the bag and have everything on hand to change them!! Good luck!! You guys will have fun!

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