Nursery Reveal

After months of shopping, sewing, painting, crafting, organizing, and then redoing it a zillion times, I can finally say that the nursery is complete! For now at least...haha. I never imagined having so much fun with this! 


Fell in love with Joel Dewberry's "Sparrows in Almond" collection, and so that became the theme! Made the bumper cover, crib skirt, decorative pillows, and valence. Thane's Grandma crocheted the little bunny :)



Wanted to incorporate some extra color in the room, so I painted the bird plaques and a added a few other blue accents. I made the little wreaths as well, they were fun :)



Framed the Sparrow washcloths that came from Etsy (they're too nice to use!), spray painted a $1 thrift shop shelf orange, and picked up some wooden crates to use for storage. Also painted the little bird houses and made the pillow. There are just too many fun and cheap project possibilities.



Some details...used wooden CD crates as decorative shelves to match the larger storage crates, and hung a fruit holder to go with the crate theme. Again, those hand-made burp cloths from Etsy are just too nice to use. I also painted the little sparrow plaque to match the fabric. Found the little hanging picture of two birds at a thrift store for $1.50, and painted it to match the room.

Love the Woodland Animals print! Hopefully the baby likes it...


There it is! Now we just need our baby to go in it :)


Tara @ Baby Lifestyles said...

This is such a pretty nursery. You did an amazing job with the theme and colors. They really pop and make for a different looking nursery room. Email me if you'd like to have this featured at Baby Lifestyles. Editor at BabyLifestyles dot com.

Sarah said...

Thanks Tara, I appreciate the compliment!

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