And the Army Keeps Rolling (Us) Along

Congratulations to Thane on taking command! This little wifey is proud indeed, even if somewhat inconvenienced by the temporary move to Fort Knox. This wasn't what we were expecting after Thane submitted his paperwork to resign his commission (to get out of the army, for you non-army geeks). But lo and behold, here we are.

The changing of the flag.

Thane and Charlie company.

The outgoing commander and his wife were so much fun! It's sad that they're moving away...

Our family, + one little addition (no, not the baby, the Blackberry work cell that demands to be answered at all times of the day and night, including dinner out and 4am...very similar to a baby! You can't see it because it's attached to Thane's hip with a handy dandy "dad" clip that's exactly like one my dad has. I couldn't help but call Thane an old man when I saw it.)

So there you have it. This puts a tiny bit of a kink in our ranch plans, but probably for the better. Thane will most likely complete the full year of command time, which pushes our getting-out date back a few months. But we won't complain about some extra time of predictable income in Georgia, a place that's been such a blessing to us.

Asher was welcomed into the new unit with his own uniform. But this Junior Red Knight Tanker is quite unhappy...he had his heart set on the Infant-try.

Ha! Until next time...Hi ho hi hay!


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