Horse-ing Around

You might remember me mentioning our search for a horse figurine, a "souvenir" of our time spent in Kentucky. Well we did, and it was a thorough one. We weren't picky, (or at least we didn't think we were), but after three months of keeping our eyes open during sporadic antique and thrift shop trips, we still hadn't found him. So when it finally came down to the wire and our time in the great "horse state" was running dangerously short, (as in the-last-day-short), I got serious. I really didn't want to leave empty handed.

Throughout the whole process we probably looked at two hundred+ different varieties of horse figurines. It became quite comical, and therefore worth documenting. Here are some highlights of the hunt...

If it weren't for the "real-faux" hair, this one could have been spruced up with some spray-paint.

Almost a winner, but a little too toy-like...

You'd go nicely on one of Asher's nursery shelves!

Isn't Santa wondering where you are?

You're perfect, Mr. Rhino! But you're not a horse! Sigh...

In b/w- this was $5. If I were in GA (where I had space in the car), I would have taken this home. I love "unfinished" art.

Uh-oh, some poor horse is missing his saddle.

This was Asher's choice. In case you were wondering, YES, this guy is related to It Adams.

Too shiny. And ugly.

Don't feel bad, your cousin (above) didn't make the pick either.

This desk was $6! It was so painful to have to walk away without it. I've yet to find second-hand shopping in GA that's as good as it is in Kentucky...sigh.

Oh, Mr. Rhino, you are perfect! But once again, you're not a horse. Sad face.

Now you're manly! But what happened to your tail?

This one's not for sale... :)

So, this gives you an idea of what horse figurine shopping has been like. Want to guess which one we brought home with us? He was the very last one we saw, and we got him our last day in Kentucky. (That's right, we're home!)

Here he is!

He's made out of some sort of stone or clay, and the fact remains that he's missing a tail. But he's simple, masculine, and the best looking guy out there!

Now that we're back in our home (which, by the way, feels like a palace compared to the hotel), I've already got our next animal figurine in mind. I saw a couple in Kentucky, but obviously the point is to find one in Georgia. But I snapped some pics just for fun, so check these guys out...

Once we find an elephant (in honor of our abode, the White Elephant), a ceramic peach might be fun as well. You know, in honor of this great state... Annnnnd it'd be nice to something to commemorate our time in Hawaii (our last duty station). Perhaps a chunky lime green pineapple, (or one that could be spray-painted that color). But I'd have to order it from Hawaii. So maybe we'll wait on that.

What about you guys? Do you have any traditions by way of souvenir collecting? We've also started picking up coffee table books featuring scenery from every place we've lived and visited. That was Thane's idea, and it's been a really neat way to be able to remember our travels. Good idea, honey!

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Jaime said...

I'll keep an eye out for a cool pineapple :)

Sarah @ ModernRanch said...

Thanks Jaime, you're the best :) So glad your family of three is back together!

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