Cleaning House; From Dust to Cable

I know. Gross.

This is what was waiting for me at home. And this little "bunny" had friends. Lots of them. All I can say is thank goodness Asher's not crawling yet!

In comes another friend; the swiffer. Except without his disposable wipe buddies. It's hard to bring myself to buy those things; they're not cheap and they don't last long. So, rather than retire the swiffer altogether, I came up with a simple and practical way to save money and throw away less- reusable swiffer wipes!

All you need is an old towel and a pair of scissors. (Yes, that's my new kitchen curtain fabric...before it became curtains, haha.)

Lay out your towel, and set your swiffer on top so that you can measure before cutting.

The marker's just for the purpose of demonstration. But you can see how the towel can fold around the swiffer base and be secured just as easily as the swiffer wipes.

Cut- and there ya go! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

I got two wipes out of this one towel, and then I actually used the long skinny section of the scrap to make a third wipe. The "ends" folded up instead of the "front" and "back".

And here it is in action. All the power of a swiffer, but better! Lower cost, eco-friendly, and you can even customize your cleaning solution this way. I usually dampen the rag with water before attaching it, and then spray down our wood floors with Pledge or an all purpose cleaner before going over them.

Ah, that's better.

In addition to the fuzzy bunnies, another sometimes "hairy" thing I'm glad to be without is cable TV. We haven't had it in our home for a few years now, but we did have it in the hotel in Kentucky. When I first got back to Georgia, I missed it. It was nice to be able to turn on the news or any other channel just to have some noise, if nothing else. So getting used to a house without Thane and without TV was a little hard at first. But with that void came the opportunity for better things. Like the Word of God. But let me explain.

I'm not saying that cable TV is inherently evil. There are good things as well as bad on it. And I'd like to say that I restricted my own cable watching to a news, HGTV, cooking shows, etc, but more often than not, the Kardashians & co. would end up on the screen. Not exactly wholesome... Instead of keeping up with them, I want and need to be keeping up with Jesus. Listening to sermons throughout my days as I clean, cook, and tackle projects around the house is so much more edifying! Like a constant dose of truth, fellowship, and great learning in general. No hate for the Kardashians...I don't pretend to be "too righteous" to watch their show. I'm nothing but a sinner saved by grace and I sincerely hope they meet Jesus one day too. In the meantime, I need as much of Him as I can get!

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-P.S. I'm watching a series on the gospel of Luke right now, and it has live footage from Jerusalem and all of the historical spots from the life of Jesus. It's excellent- if you're interested, check it out here-

-P.S.S. Have you seen my new {Faith} page???

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