Tea, Anyone?

When Thane came home from his deployment to Iraq, he brought me this beautiful little tea set. I was thrilled to have it, and then it sat in it's box (along with a couple Polaroids of one of the sheiks he knew during his journey to Mecca), until we moved to Georgia. Once we got here, I decided it had to be displayed somewhere. Without a formal (or even informal) china cabinet, that "somewhere" ended up being on the living room built-ins.

See 'em? Not so ideal. But along with all of the books, papers, and yes, the tire pump, this little tea set found a better place. (See the shelves de-cluttered and re-organized here.)

Remember this thrift store find from a previous post?

It's the new home for the Iraqi tea set. Well, some of it anyway.

I had this piece of a faux flower sitting around, so I threw it into the mix for a nice, soft touch.

If you look closely, you can see that this tray is in need of a little touch up. At first I thought about painting it a neat color, like deep plum or magenta. But I think I'll keep it simple and just give a fresh coat of white. (The reflection from the orangey yellow glass is making it look yellow, but it's actually off-white.)

So far this sits on a side table in our dining room. (Technically it's a desk, our temporary solution for a buffet.)

Speaking of Thane's deployment, he was away for twelve months during our time in Hawaii. Getting him back was by far one of the top three best days of my life! Right now they rank as follows;

1. The day I met Jesus.
2. Getting married/Thane coming home from Iraq/Asher's birth. Okay, I can't decide which of those #2s comes first, so I'll just lump them into one.
3. Guess this is still open... Not sure what to put here, but the day I had my first chocolate chip cookie is definitely a contender.

Here's a picture of that wonderful homecoming!

As well as a couple of my hunky soldier...

And last but not least, the Polaroids of a sheik Thane worked with during his journey to Mecca. (I know, kind of random...Thane didn't take them, haha, they were given to him. Along with the tackiest gold watch I've ever seen, and a ton of sheik garb.)

See the camel? I've never personally met anyone who's gone anywhere on a camel. Which gives me opportunity for praise- praise to the One and only true God of the Bible, that His Spirit is with His children always- that we don't have to journey to Jerusalem or any other distant place to be closer to Him! Like the wonderful Dad He is, He always has time for us, is always by our side, and will always be our source of peace, comfort, and whatever other good thing we're in need of. Not to mention His guidance and discipline- two things I long for and ask for continually. Okay, I don't exactly "long" for discipline, but it's necessary and totally worth it in the long run; Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. {Hebrews 12:11} So, again, praise God.

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The LeVan family said...

You totally have met someone who has traveled by camel...ME! Looking the the welcome home pictures and reading about chocolate chip cookies makes me think about spending the deployment with you and Natalie and thanking God everyday for putting such great women in my life. Miss you! :)

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