The Firebird Goes Green

This guy is a little on the wild side. He reminds me of a rooster, but in a Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter kind of way. Probably because he's actually a firebird. But we're going to call him a rooster anyway. And since roosters tend to hang out in kitchens and ours was completely void of one, I couldn't help but imagine him perched on the big windowsill over our kitchen sink.

I spotted him on a cluttered shelf at the local Goodwill. I picked him up, turned him around, cocked my head at him a little, and wondered how a firebird, I mean rooster, could hold my attention for so long. My practical side told me he was too zaney and redneck, to put him down slowly and walk away. But there was just something about him, (I still don't know what), and I couldn't leave him behind.

He needed some touching up. So out came the leftover lime green paint from Asher's nursery project. It's "503 Yellow Citron" by Folk Art (from Walmart for about $1.50), if you're wondering.

Speaking of Asher, he had his first try at finger painting. He was in my lap during this little project, and it only took him about two minutes to grab my cup of paint and do a little "creating" of his own.

Awwwww...grubby, painty, baby fingers.

And here he is! Mean and green. I was going for a contrasting pop of color that would stand out next to the coral and red curtains, plus pick up on the other lime green accents throughout the living and dining room. Although sometimes I think I might like him white again... He may have another makeover coming his way, eventually.

Oh! I almost forgot...want to guess how much he set me back? $1.50.

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P.S. See more fun thrift store finds here and here.

P.S.S. On a more serious note, a search of the word "rooster" on Blue Letter Bible turned up this verse:

Jesus said to him, "Assuredly, I say to you that this night, before the rooster crows, you will deny Me three times." {Mathew 26:34}

So here's another opportunity to remember and meditate on God's word. Just like I'll remember the call to obey His commands every time I see the tassel in the laundry room (from yesterday's post), I'll try to remember this verse when I see my rooster in the kitchen. In order to actively pursue a life of faithful obedience and proclaim Christ rather than deny Him, I need as many reminders as I can get!

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