"Honey-Do" List; Featuring The Boot of Doom

Aren't husbands wonderful?!

Mine had a little honey-do list waiting for him when he got back to Georgia;

1. Give our washer & dryer the old switcheroo. The Lowes deliverers installed our washer on the right and the dryer on the left, which means the doors hit each other when they're both opened. That makes getting the wet clothes out of the washer and into the dryer a little difficult, especially when holding the baby. As Thane likes to remind me, it's possible that this is the only option due the hook-up arrangement in the back. If that's the case, that's totally fine. It's not an ideal set-up, but it's a temporary one, and I'm really just happy to be co-habiting with our own laundry room again! Four months of hauling our dirty clothes and diapers to a shared basement laundry room at Hotel K has taught me how to appreciate what we have here in Georgia. (So much so that I was led to give it a little low-cost makeover when we got back.)

2. Move our back door so that our kitchen opens up into the stairwell leading to the attic. This will expand our kitchen space and give me more room for storage. It'll also make the two attic rooms feel like a real part of our house if I don't have to go through a locked door to get to them. (The entire back stairwell spans four stories, from the basement to the attic.) We share it with our neighbors below, so until the door is moved it's all entirely open. Not that we don't trust our neighbors- they did a huge favor to us by watching our place when we were away- it'll just be nice to feel like we can go upstairs without going "out" of our personal apartment space.

The door will need to be re-installed directly to the right, in order to close off the back stairwell that leads down to the door that goes to the outside. (Our apartment is on the second story.) I'm thinking about hanging our pots on the wooden boards that are already nailed up.

3. Get my attic room that doubles as an art/storage/junk room cleaned up. So that I can use it for painting when the temps cool down! (There's no AC in the attic rooms.)

4. This one sort of hinges on #3- Move one of our new love seats downstairs. We found these for a great deal at a clearance center in Columbus. We don't need them here, but they'll be great for the ranch house. We've got plans... By the way, see that red bag peaking out of the bottom right corner of the photo? I've got a scary story about that below...

5. Create a reading nook. I'd like one of the two love seats to go in this empty spot in our second bedroom. It's kind of the catch-all room for the time being, it doubles as an office and guest room. So why not make it a little cozier for ourselves and for our guests? All it'll take is a little muscle to get the sofa downstairs and then a little womanly touch to get it looking inviting.

6. Kill the huge-silver-dollar-size spider with a marble sized black butt that I came across in the big red bag in the attic so that it doesn't get our baby; check!

Yes, this is what went scurrying dangerously close to my hand when I started to look into the red bag you see in the photo above (honey-do item #4). I'm not usually super skiddish when it comes to bugs. I don't like them, but they don't petrify me. This one's a whole new ball-game; it had chills and bumps and every kind of heeby-jeeby you can imagine running through my body. And after a friend suggested that it might be poisonous, I sent Thane upstairs a day later to try to find this crawly guy. I honestly never imagined he would, but to my astonishment he had the job done in about 30 seconds flat. This is how it went down;

Me- "Thane, I think we need to find that spider and get rid of it so it doesn't come down here and bite Asher."

Thane- "That spider's not coming down here."

Me- "Ok, well whatever, but it might be poisonous."

Silent pause for about five seconds.

Thane- "I'm going to go find that spider."

And this is what I heard from below- Clop, clop, clop (up the stairs)... Thud (items falling out of a bag and hitting the floor)...STOMP STOMP STOMP. Clop, clop, clop (down the stairs).

Thane- "I got him."

Me- "What?! Already? How'd you find him so fast?!"

Thane- "It was easy. I turned the bag upside down, he scurried out, he met the boot of doom." (I'll clarify; The combat-boot-of-doom. He was still in his work clothes.)

Praise God for husbands. They have nerves made of steel!

While we're on the topic of good husbands, I'm so thankful for Thane. He is a blessing from God. Yes, his dashing good looks and great personality are what hooked me in the beginning, but it's his relationship with Christ that truly makes him the wonderful man that he is. I'm beyond blessed to have a godly husband to take care of me and lead our home. And now that we're a family of three, I hope and pray that I'm the godly wife and mother that Christ would have me to be. I treasure these blessings and opportunities!

So what do you gals have on your honey-do lists this month?

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P.S. For another post on the best husband (plus a peak at one of my paintings), go here.

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Anonymous said...

If the spider you saw was the same as the one pictured, it WAS poisonous! That's brown recluse in the pic. :/

Sarah said...

You know, we couldn't find a picture that looked exactly like the spider in our attic. This is the closest one we found, but the coloration was slightly different- according to Thane, at least, and he got a better look at it. It had a black legs and a brown abdomen... Any clue as to what it was?

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