Thrifting; Round Two

Here we go again, round two of great deals from thrift and antique shops! (See round one here.)

Goodwill- Columbus, Georgia- $1.50
This pretty little candle holder is soon to be red. It reminded me of a neat candle centerpiece I spotted in Burlington Coat Factory and mentioned (with a picture) here a little while back. I might even try to replicate the hanging crystal look and possibly make some sort of stand in order to raise it up just like the one in the photo. That one was $30, by the way, and it's black counterpart was $50.

There was a 4-Items-for-a-Dollar clearance sale going on, so I had to find four purple ticket items in order to get the deal. It was a challenge, since the purple tickets were few and far in between. But I did it! And I came home with a wad of cute baby ribbon, a silver mini-frame, a black plastic file organizer that'll be great for my wet brushes while painting, and an antique sweet pea grocer advertisement framed in very old wood.

Benning Thrift & Consignment- $.25

Benning Thrift & Consignment- $.25
I have a soft spot for graphic, antiquey things like this. And of course the sweet pea immediately reminded me of Asher, that's what really sold me on it! (Like I mentioned above, I just had to find three other purple ticket items to get it $.25 instead of it's original list price of $1.30.)

Fort Benning Thrift & Consignment- $.25

Benning Thrift & Consignment- $.30
 This is an older purchase, from Asher's nursery. Funky, eclectic, $.30. Need I say more?

Goodwill- Radclif, Kentucky- $1 (I got two)
One of these guys is living on the living room built-ins, and the other is on our other living shelf that's yet to be featured on here.

And that's all for now! My next thrifting adventure will hopefully be to Gina's Junk, a neat place in Columbus I keep hearing about. So, stay tuned!

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