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Seen anything that's inspired you lately? I feel like I get a little too inspired, thanks to the worldwide internet/mother of all temptation. And it's frustrating since I can't follow through on any projects for the time being. But, that will change in less than two months when we'll go back to our home in Georgia (!!!). But for now, all I can do is plan and dream...but hey, that's half the fun!

Once again, I'm smitten for a Joel Dewberry fabric collection. His Aviary Sparrows stole my heart the first time and became the theme for Asher's nursery. And now, Deer Valley in the Tarragon color palette has got me inspired for elsewhere in our home.You might recognize one print in particular- the top one- from a previous post on "Lodge Chic" decor. (In usual fashion, I've been oogling this for months and just awaiting the perfect time to sneak in a purchase- shhhh don't tell Thane). This is my favorite print in the collection- Antler Damask Gourd. I must say that it would be a very nice compliment to that set of decorative horns that we're now the proud owners of.

I think what really draws me to designs like these are their graphic nature. I've always been a lover of bold prints and typography, must be the graphic designer in me. Believe it or not, I haven't always been a stay-at-home army wife/mom. I actually had a full time "big girl" design job in the DC Metro once. And after working in an office, let me just say that The Office isn't all that far from reality. You know Andy Bernard? I swear to you, the guy that replaced me was exactly like him.

Anyway, back to the fabric. There are a lot of easy project possibilities, but I'm thinking along the lines of a very simple one I've already dabbled in; fabric framing. It's eye-catching and very inexpensive (in case Thane's reading). Not to mention insanely easy. Here's what I did last fall in our Georgia home with some fabric squares and some old frames I had on hand:

Unfortunately it's not the best photo, but if you look close you can see the fabric in the white frame. It's just a simple lime green geometric print on display in both of our dining room window sills (this is one of the two). I originally purchased the fabric on Big Island, Hawaii, with visions of a baby quilt. But, I had neither the sewing machine nor the baby girl that was necessary (they were girly fabrics). So, rather than let it sit in a box in my closet totally un-utilized for any longer than it already had, I ironed it and put it in this old frame, also sitting around unused. (The frame used to be black, by the way...spray paint works wonders.)

Oh- I almost forgot!- I did the same in Asher's nursery:

So now I'm planning (or should I say scheming?) a little wall arrangement of framed Deer Valley prints for our dearly missed Georgia home, as well as the ranch house that will hopefully be our final landing pad. So, that's where this fat-quarter bundle from Imagine Fabrics comes in.

It consists of 11 16x16 squares of fabricy goodness for just $21.95. Pop these prints into a mix and match of white frames, perhaps combined with other art and photography, and we'll have a beautiful display to enjoy! (Assuming I pull it off well.)

Here's a really nice representation of what I'm thinking:

Isn't it nice? It's intricate, interesting, and also a little understated. I tend to be bold with home decor, so my version of this would probably feature a lot of bright, contrasting color. But anything half as beautiful as this would suffice. The only unknown is whether or not the shade of green in the Tarragon palette will compliment the rest of our decor...so for this reason, I may pass over the fat quarter and just get a couple of yards of the gold/umber toned prints. Hmmm, decisions, decisions! But I have a little while to think about it... :)

P.S. I made a bible cover out of some of the other Big Island intended-baby-quilt fabric, get a glimpse of it here!


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