Father's Day: Put a Little M.A.N. Into It

Forget the card. Let's talk about what dads really want; food. Eggs, potatoes, tortillas, bacon, cheese, hot sauce, wings, pizza, and cake. A really big cake.

Breakfast Burrito

Not homemade this time...shhh. But frozen's more "manish" anyway.


Dessert. With a bite already taken out of it. (Can you tell where?)

 My first attempt at a four-layer yellow butter cake was interesting. I forgot the butter and didn't exactly stack it well. But the chocolate butter cream icing came out good!

Happy first Father's Day Thane!
And let's not forget to honor our Father in Heaven, He's the best!


Psalm 1 said...

What a lucky man ... Haha! You're right though. MEN JUST WANT FOOD :)

Sarah said...

Haha, especially since that's all I can offer without spending Thane's money...LOL.

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