Before & After: A Snazzy & Sophisticated Dining Room

Happy Friday! I just wanted to share this amazing dining room transformation that was done by a couple of friends of ours- thanks for letting me brag on you, John and Ashley! (A little background- John and Thane spent some "quality" time together at VMI. Oh, the good old days.)

So take a look at this "before" photo:

Got the idea? Now here are a few "work in progress" shots:

Notice the wallpaper is beginning to come down. Bye-bye!

Next came the carpet removal.

Can you guess who's responsible for this little mess?

This cutey pie! But it's okay, he gave a very sincere apology...

 Okay, ready for the new look? Let's see the "before" one more time.

And here's the "after". This is truly amazing.


Ta da!!!

Magic, right?!

Well, not exactly, clearly there was a lot of skill that went into this stunning renovation! Here are a few more beautiful photos to feast your eyes on:

I immediately asked Ashley where they found their new dining set (which they got on sale). Thane and I are in the market for one as well, and this one tickles every inch of my fancy. But unfortunately this one comes from a local store, so our search goes on. Oh, I almost forgot, notice the new chandelier in the mirror? It was a hand-me-down that they spray painted black. Spray paint doesn't get enough credit for how diversely it can be used!

The flooring is Pergo's "Stained Oak", and the paint is Home Depot's Behr Premium Plus Ultra, in "Cherry Tart" and "Silver Screen". The trim and chair rail are "Decorator White". They were originally planning on using a cream color for the upper portion of the walls (to match the chair upholstery), but decided on silver at the last minute. They fell in love with it, and so did I. Isn't it fun to see your family and friends successfully pick gorgeous paint colors? Not only is it great for them, but then you get a chance to snag the same color but without the guess work. If they don't mind you copping their style, that is.

I was just informed that curtains have been purchased for the windows! Hopefully there will be a photo of them to come.

Thanks again John and Ashely for letting us take a peak into your home!

Thane and I can't wait till we're in this stage of home building. You can see the very beginning stages of our dining room here, (it's the red room) but don't expect to be wowed again. One day though, God willing of course... :)


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