Turn Clutter into Cash

This is just a quick recommendation for parents wanting to sell any unused baby items- Under My Crib. (Or, "stuffed in a drawer", in our case, ha!) I found the site through Nicki's Diapers, my favorite resource for cloth diapers and accessories.

Under My Crib is a natural parenting site that's purely for buying, selling, and/or trading, very similar to Ebay. When I listed a few Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers that no longer fit Asher, I was skeptical about getting any bids. Mine was the only listing, so I doubted anybody would see it since it seemed like there was no traffic on the site. But lo and behold, I got two bids within a couple of hours! And it's totally free, there are no listing or selling charges. Now I'm wishing I would have tried this sooner! I'm already racking my brain for other baby things that I no longer use or want to hang onto.

My auction hasn't closed out yet, (so I haven't quite had the full experience), but so far, so good! The bids have already raised to the price I wanted, so if I get anything higher, it'll be a bonus. And now that I'm finally recouping a little bit of cash on the Thirsties, I'm thinking I'll pick up another Best Bottom shell... Mint-Chocolate-Chip sounds yummy. And then there's Orange Sherbet.... I might just have to get two :)

Happy Monday, hope you all have a wonderful week!


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