A Chic Twist on Taxidermy

Fuzzy stuffed deer heads; no thank you. Mounted cattle horns; yes please!

It all started February 18th (the day I went into labor, which is why I remember) at Joey's Thrift Mall in Columbus, Georgia. I laid my eyes on a big pair of mounted cattle horns that I could envision perfectly over our ranch house fireplace. They were rustic and vintage and oh so cool. They were similar to the ones shown above in the very top image, but all black and much sleeker. And now I'm inspired. I'd like our ranch house to be contemporary and eclectic with a hint of the "cattle country" theme. And when I say "country", I don't mean in the lodgy, log cabin, stuffed dear head sense. I mean something that would envoke a sense of cattle heritage, as if Thane and I were descendants of a long line of elite cattle ranchers. (Ha! Okay, okay, I know it's silly and couldn't be farther from the truth...but just imagine the setting of Legends of the Fall with a modern twist).

"Antler Damask" by Joel Dewberry

I've also had my eye on Joel Dewberry's "Antler Damask" fabric collection for the last few months. I'm a big JD fan, I used his Aviary "Sparrows in Almond" collection for Asher's nursery. I'm thinking about purchasing a couple of yards of this Antler Damask and working it into some cute decor items, like framed quilt squares or dining table placemats. I'd love to do curtains, but I'd have to wait for a good sale since this stuff is pricey.

Anyway, back to the horns- to my extreme regret, we didn't buy them due to the $60 price tag. (At the time it made sense- who goes to a thrift store to spend $60 on a piece of wall decor?) But now I'm kicking myself. We went back about a month later and they were gone. But surely they weren't the only pair out there, so the search will go on. Antique shops, here I come!

Here's our fireplace...as you can see it's still in it's beginning phase (to say the least, ha!) But just imagine it in it's finished state and adorned with a big set of rustic, "vintage cattle ranch" style horns.

By the way... For you sewers out there, Joel Dewberry has a really nice book full of easy yet beautiful home decor sewing projects called "Sewn Spaces". I haven't picked up a copy yet correction; just ordered it! You can look through the book on Amazon and see some of the things in it. So check it out!

Has anyone tackled any new sewing projects lately? Or found any cool animal/cattle inspired decor? After looking around online, I'm not finding much...guess I'll just have to get creative with my search!


Matt said...

Evelyn is taking notes. We like all your ideas except supplement with a big ol' dead moose head... Yeah

Sarah said...

Haha, YES, a moose head would be awesome! Especially if you took down an angry one in your own back yard... I hope you're loving your time in Alaska. Can't wait to hear about how all of your home improvement projects are going.

Oh guess what? We found another pair of mounted horns! Woo-hoo! I'll post a picture of them soon.

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