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The pillow monster has struck again. (Not to be confused with the cookie monster, although that title could be applied to me as well). If we were at home in Georgia, I'd create a photo journal of my collection of decorative pillows and there would be no explanation necessary. But since we're in Kentucky, I'll just tell you that pillows are one of my absolute favorite home decor accessories, and I probably have an average of 3.4 per room. However, I've never paid more than $8 for one before now (thanks to Ross)...


So I'm allowed this one splurge. These Pier1 beauties were on clearance (woo-hoo!), and I'd had my eye on them for months. They just so happen to have all of the paint colors of our ranch house, and they match the Lee Chapel painting we have hung in our living room in Georgia now. Not to mention the fact that they're gorgeous! Normally I'd happily settle for $8 dollar ones over the much more expensive Pier1 selection (even their clearance items are way higher than Ross). But after happening upon these on the clearance shelf yesterday, I just had to go for it. What's the fun in life if you don't treat yourself every now and then?

As I mentioned above, these pillows happen to have a lot of the exact same colors we've used in our house. Here's a quick mock-up of our ranch home color scheme. (Before & After photos of these rooms are coming soon!)
We haven't actually painted any room peacock blue yet, (hence the ? mark), but it's in the works. (We've got an unproportionately large second bedroom thanks to Thane and I's on-the-spot spontaneous wall building with no blueprints or plan, and I think a dark color like this blue will help "shrink" it down a little. Besides that, I just really like it and want to incorporate it into the house somewhere.)

But back to the pillows, they'll go in our Nettle and Rum Raisin sitting & dining combo room. The dark plum pillow will pick up on our little study across the hall that's painted Red Red Wine, and the orange will match our Canyon Sun kitchen. So it should all tie in together seamlessly, or that's the goal at least. I've been very conscience of choosing paint colors that are complimentary, especially since they're all so bold. I want to walk into the house and enjoy beautiful colors, not have a spazz attack. The great thing about paint is you can always experiment knowing it's not permanent or an expensive fix should you make a mistake.

Until they reach their ultimate destination at the ranch house, these satiny guys will live on Thane and I's bed.

By the way, for those of you mommas with little ones who love to see new things and bright colors, Pier1 is the place to go! (Assuming their little hands can be kept to themselves). I "wore" Asher in the store with me using his Jeep carrier to avoid navigating the stroller through those tight aisles, and he absolutely loved all of the bold colors and interesting shapes. We may have to make another visit for his sake... :)


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