Ranch House; Exterior Phase 2

We're getting there... Again, very rough photos unfortunately. I can't wait to get back out and get plenty of sunny, crisp shots.

Weather-proofed and prepped for siding!

 Back of house

Garage-side of house

 Front stairs are on! We opted for stained & stamped concrete.

Stained & stamped concrete (covered in ice in this photo).

Basement door and back patio on the side opposite the garage. The patio is the same stained & stamped concrete that you see on the front porch.

And here comes the siding! We got to pick from about ten different color options. We immediately narrowed it down between white, beige, and ivory. As you can see, we went with ivory! In lue of shutters, we special ordered white trim for the windows. We had contracters take care of the siding as well as put the roof on.

Back of the house.

Close up of Great Room windows on the back side of the house.

Voila! Ooooo, so much prettier than the weather-proofing plastic!

The exterior of the house is completely finished. All that's left that you see here is to install the front door. The one there now is a construction door, to prevent the real one from being beaten up during the building and moving-in process. (The real one's being stored in the garage...it's glass from top to bottom, with an art deco design. Wish I had a picture on hand!) But otherwise, as you can see, we're in some desperate need of grass and general landscaping. It may be a challenge with the shifting, sandy soil, but I'm optimistic and excited to get out there and get started. I'd love to have my Grandmother Mary Alice out to give me some pointers, she's by far the best gardener I've ever known. I wish you all could see her yard, it's full of beautiful flowers and trees, it's fabulous!

Interior pictures coming soon...


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