We Found Them!

You might remember my post about the really neat pair of mounted horns that I fell in love with in a Georgia thrift mall (and my ensuing interest in ranch-inspired decor), only to return and find them gone, to my great dismay. But in the wake of my regret over not snagging them when we had the chance, I promised that I wouldn't give up, that the search would continue...and hooray! We found these! Except this pair is bigger and nicer than the first ones we saw. And brand new, as opposed to used. Fireplace, get ready, you're about to be adorned.

Please ignore the yucky hotel-room carpet. I had just enough time to snap a few pictures before they got toted off to the ranch via the spacious Excursion (Thane's parents stopped off in Kentucky for a visit and did us a huge favor by taking them back for us since they barely fit in our Escape).

Anyway, in case you're wondering where we found this set, I spotted them in a Kentucky antique mall about a month ago. Of course I immediately got excited just to see another pair similiar to the first ones I liked, but if we were hesitant to spend $60 on the first set, I knew we wouldn't spend $325 on these, which was the cost. So, I reluctantly put them out of my mind even though they could be worth the money, depending on how you look at it. For instance, $325 wouldn't be much for a beautiful painting, but since I'm painter, we'll probably never buy art. Therefore, we could put a decorative item like these horns in the same category as an art purchase. Afterall, they're something we'll always have and enjoy. But regardless, the fact remains that we never would have shelled out $325.

So, how did these end up in our living room? Well, I'd been bugging Thane to take me "antiquing" for a while. Lately I've been in this mode where I've wanted to find old pieces of wooden furniture to fix up, even though we have no house here and absolutely no space to move anything back to Georgia. But I can still dream, right? So, we went back to the antique mall where I originally saw the horns.

I couldn't wait to show them to Thane and told him how awesome they were as soon as we entered the store. Well, just imagine my intruige upon entering the "Western" room and seeing a sign that read "75% off of entire collection". What?! Were the horns a whopping 75% off? Could it be true? We asked, and to my great surprise and excitement, they were. This was the golden ticket of opportunities, we'd have been fools to pass this one up. So, up to the counter we carried them. And instead of $325, we paid(drumroll)...................

$84! Is that a steal, or what?!

Brambles is checking them out. She knows there's something suspicious about them. I wonder if that means they're real? We didn't think they were, but Thane's parents did. And they do come from Fort Worth, Texas, so you never know.

So, one day in the (hopefully) near future, not only will our fireplace be finished, but these horns will be proudly mounted above it. They're about six feet long, so they should flank this five foot fireplace very nicely.

Thanks for tagging along for my latest search-and-find mission. What about you guys? Have you had your eye out for something special that you've yet to find? Or, have you had any similar search-and-find success stories lately? You know what they say, the thrill of the hunt is half the fun!


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