Musical Chairs

Finally, something that moves more than we do; our set of breakfast table chairs. Why are they not with the breakfast table, you might be wondering?

Because it's been out of commission since moving here last October. The one thing we lost in the PCS from Hawaii to Georgia was the hardware to attach the legs. So, it's been sitting in our attic for a year now, just waiting for us to finally get to Lowes and pick up some extra bolts. But despite having a very underutilized table, we've found many ways to utilize the matching chairs. Too many ways, in fact, which is why they're constantly moving. Here are just a few "arrangements" these chairs have seen in the last months;

Putting this in Asher's nursery was an upgrade from what was previously there- the black office chair that I used to nurse him in the middle of the night when he was first born. This nursery has never been big enough for a full sized rocker or glider. But I have to say, bulky and un-cute as it is, it did the job quite well.

But now I either bring the little buddy into the bed with me or nurse him on my new reading nook sofa in the next room over;

So, this chair holds the spot for now. It's small enough to fit in the space, and works really nicely for the occasional need to pop a squat in this room. (I borrowed some items from Asher's crib to dress it up a little.)

And this is where chair #2 sat for a little while- in our office/guest/reading nook room, right next to the computer so that I could sit down with Thane.

But this became unnecessary when the sofa moved in, so it went on a little journey to a different spot of the house- our top landing;

Remember that espresso bowl that I found at a Goodwill for $2?

Now it's the perfect container for Thane's keys and wallet. And (sometimes) he even tucks his army boots under the chair! Maybe I'm the only one who finds a little delight in something like that. I guess I just like order in the court house.

As always, I love finding good uses for things we already own. What about you guys? Re-purpose any household items lately? Find any new or interesting uses for something you had laying around?

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