When Two Tables Conspire...

Remember my new reading nook? It's been a great new addition to the guest room, and I'm glad to inform you that I have, as a matter of fact, gotten some good use out it! It's definitely taken a big leap from what it was before...

And, always looking to improve upon what we already have with what we already have, here's the next tweak;

Two end tables pushed together and the rug from Asher's nursery (sorry Asher) to pull it all together. And might I add that this has been the best use I've found for them so far. They're sort of odd. They're too high to be good nightstands (their previous job), and they're too small to be good sofa end-tables (their very first job). So, what in the heck they're meant for, I haven't the slightest. But this has been their best use yet, despite the fact that it's unconventional and there's a "seam" where they join together.

But anyway, we started with this;


And went to this;

Hmmm. Well, as much as I like the functionality of the end tables- it's a great place to set my bible, colored pencils, and cup of coffee- I'm not so crazy about the fact that they're black. They're too dark and they take away from the nice light, soft look of the sofa. So, I might just have to "open up a can of whoop spray-paint" on these guys. Which will be- get this- their fourth round with a new color. Yep, they started out with hideous cherry legs topped with pine green and white swirly marble. (We got them for free from a neighbor who was about to kick them to the curb.) And since I've always loved an opportunity to get fixer-uppers for great deals, they soon became off-white. Then they were champagne. Then they were black. And now I'm thinking they need to be ivory, to blend with the sofa.

As much as I don't like the black on the tables, I do like the way the long vertical brown and cream rug draws your eye into room. This guy has also had quite the journey around the house. He started in our kitchen in Hawaii, then moved to Asher's nursery, and now enjoys his new spot here. At first I felt bad for taking it out of the nursery... But on second thought, I'm pretty sure the baby won't notice.

But back to the tables- color suggestions? Bronze was a thought (to match the bronze floor lamp that sits to the right of the sofa), as well as something funky like avocado green or creamy orange. But I'm thinking ivory will do a great job of "blending" into the spot and not taking away from the nice sofa or frames that you see peaking out in the hallway. What do you think?

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