Six (No, Make it Seven) Months of Sweet Pea Weekly

Here we are, seven months into Asher's weekly photo project. (I started this post right about the time he turned six months, so the fact that I'm finally getting around to finish it goes to show it's been a busy few weeks...) I lovingly dubbed this project "Sweet Pea Weekly" as a cute pun on the sweet pea rattle prop we use as a growth gauge in each photo. If we'd had a little girl, I would have been tempted to make it "Sweet Peach Weekly", being in Georgia and all (tee-hee).

Anyway, SWP has been quite the endeavor! So far, these photos have been taken in six different states. That's what we get for not only traveling way too much, but for having a baby on a Saturday- if we're traveling, you can bet we're almost always gone over the weekend, which means SWP props get packed and a photo (or 100) gets taken no matter how inconvenient.

Speaking of Georgia, this is the lovely state of Asher's birth, and the scene for the first six weeks of SWP. Here's week one;

Then, things took a turn for the crazy, and we moved to Kentucky for four months. Many a photo were taken there, and this is my favorite from the horse state;

Within that four months, little buddy had his first visit to Virginia to see the family. And yes, his weekly b-day rolled around while we were there;

Then, after finishing out a couple more months in Kentucky, it was back to Georgia. But not for long! A trip to New York for a family wedding followed shortly. Weekly photo? You'd better believe it;

Then, it was back to Georgia. Shew! But wait- it's not over yet- the ranch trip came next;

And while we were there, he turned six months! So, I had to do a little something extra to mark the day;

And as usual, I couldn't just take's no secret that I've officially joined the ranks of the crazy-moms-obsessed-with-(their)-baby-photo-photography.

Notice the painted foot? More on that soon...

After returning back home to Georgia, I swore of all traveling until Christmas. Well, two weeks later we found ourselves in South Carolina, visiting daddy (who was taking a two week course for the army) and some good friends who met us from up north. Try as we might, we are physically incapable of staying in the same state for more than two weeks at a time.

If I'd had any idea that we'd be traveling this much, I might not have started this weekly project. But, ignorance served me well in this case. As not-so-convenient as it's been to have to pack a white onsie, a background fabric, the sweet pea, and a charged camera every time we travel (as well as find the time to take the photo while in flux), it's been a really fun "tradition". And as frustrating as it's been to have no consistency as far as setting and lighting goes, (lighting makes a big difference in photography) it's gone off without a hitch overall.

No, it hasn't been as "perfect" as I might like it to be with the constant on-the-go nature of our lives, but it's taught me that it doesn't have to be "perfect" to be great. Minor variations in lighting or convenience will just be remembered as part of this crazy but wonderful little project, as well as a great reminder of all the places we've been as a family of three. Praise Jesus for such a rich, full life, full of family and friends, adventures and opportunities.

And it's not over yet. Florida- you're next!
But until then, allow me to leave you with one more photo, in memory of Asher's travels in-utero;

This bun in the oven visited four Hawaiian islands. We can't wait until he's old enough to remember things- a trip back to Oahu will make for another great family vacation one of these days...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

P.S. See more about how I do the weekly photo here.

P.S.S. Asher's smiles will be getting a little "toothy" soon- his first tooth is coming in! (On the bottom.) And he turned seven months old yesterday! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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